2021年6月19日 星期六

Cemu 1.23.1b

 Wii U模擬器 Cemu 發布新版,更新如下 :

# New in 1.23.1b:

general: Fixed various regressions introduced by an internal optimization in 1.23.1

# New in 1.23.1:

UI: Download Manager now displays a progress indicator for verifying/installing stage

CPU/JIT: Added some missing instructions to recompiler
         Should boost performance in Minecraft, specifically when there are a lot of active sound effects (e.g. during rain)
         May also boost performance in other games

GX2: Corrected behavior of GX2GetSurfaceFormatBits() for compressed formats
     Resolves corrupted textures and random crashes in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (#527)

GX2: Fixed a bug where GX2GetLastFrame() would not setup the frame texture correctly
     Resolves Hyrule Historia crashing on boot (#402)

coreinit: Reworked OSFastMutex
          Paper Mario Color Splash should not longer have massively degraded performance in multi-core mode (#525)

Vulkan: Fixed unpacking of quads into triangles
        Resolves graphics bugs in Hyrule Historia

2021年6月18日 星期五

bsnes-hd beta 10.6

 SFC / SNES模擬器 bsnes-hd 發布新版,更新如下 :

  • The libretro core now re-applies setting overrides whenever settings change.
  • The setting override to allow widescreen windowing can now be enabled manually in the libretro core as an option.
  • The setting overrides for pixel aspect ratio correction and overscan are available again, only for the libretro core.
  • There are new setting overrides for the scale as well as for disabling the sprite limit.
  • It is now possible to soft-patch with multiple patches. (like in RetroArch, append "1" to extension of second patch, "2" to third, ...)
  • The libretro core can now also apply patches in IPS format. (discouraged, (un)headered is a core option)
  • Merged rom-size detection fix from upstream. (fixes some Metroid ROM hacks that would not start)
  • Removed the dependency libgtksourceview. (from upstream, only affected Linux)
  • Added setting override for doubling VRAM size (for widescreen patches and other ROM hacks only, please contact me on Discord for details)

2021年6月17日 星期四

SSF PreviewVer R22 (2021-06-18)

 SEGA SATURN / ST-V模擬器 SSF 發布新版,更新如下 :

細かい変更点はオプションでCDイメージを変更したら自動で再起動する とか…

メインはスプライト描画の修正 あとD3D11CreateDevice()の引数を変更してみた


あ、フルスクリーンは削除しました 代わりにボーダーレスウィンドウが利用できます F12でボーダーレスウィンドウに切り替わります

2021年6月15日 星期二

RetroArch 1.9.5

 多平台多機種模擬器 RetroArch 發布新版,更新如下 :

  • ALSATHREAD: Make alsathread default for all ALSA devices with threads
  • ARCHIVE: Fix loading of archived content with file names containing ‘#’ characters
  • CHEEVOS: Upgrade to rcheevos 10.1
  • CHEEVOS: Challenge indicators
  • CHEEVOS: Group achievements by category in quick menu
  • CHEEVOS: Relabel ‘Start Active’ with ‘Encore Mode’
  • D3D10: Window title should now update
  • D3D11: Window title should now update
  • D3D11: Allow fastforward in fullscreen
  • D3D12: Window title should now update
  • D3D12: Allow fastforward in fullscreen
  • CRT/SWITCHRES: New implementation
  • FONTS: Improve message wrapping with CJK languages
  • FONTS: Fix garbled characters when converting encodings
  • INPUT: Allow the 8 analog stick directions to be used as keys for core keyboard mappings
  • LIBRETRO: Add API extension for setting ‘need_fullpath’ based on content file extension and to request persistent frontend content data buffers
  • MENU/SEARCH: Add enhanced search functionality to the ‘Manage Cores’ menu
  • OPENDINGUX: Fix black screens when triggering gfx driver initialisation via menu actions
  • UNIX: Get better battery stats on sysfs nodes
  • VIDEO: Extend Frame Delay range to 19 to accommodate PAL land too
  • WIFI/LAKKA: Add nmcli to wifi drivers
  • WIFI/LAKKA: Add wifi configuration menu
  • X11: fix fullscreen when swapping monitors/resolution

2021年6月13日 星期日

Mednafen 1.27.1

 多機種模擬器 Mednafen 發布新版,更新如下 :

-- 1.27.1: --

June 4, 2021:
SS: Added "Herc's Adventures" to the internal database of games to enable SH-2 read/write VDP1
draw slowdown with, to fix a few graphical glitches.

May 28, 2021:
Error out in the configure script when iconv is not found, rather than later during compilation.

May 26, 2021:
SNES: Applied untested fix for an issue with libco on PPC64 ELFv2 systems.

May 18, 2021:
SS: Corrected a few inaccuracies in the handling of SCSP EG phase transitions, per tests on a SS.

May 12, 2021:
Renamed intl/VERSION to intl/VERSION.txt to prevent a conflict with a system C++ header file on
case-insensitive filesystems(problem introduced in 1.27.0-UNSTABLE).

April 29, 2021:
Demo: Use #pragma(pack) instead of __attribute__((packed)), to work around a bug/design flaw in
older versions of gcc that caused the demo module's save state test to fail when compiled for a
Windows target(where ms_struct is the default structure layout).

April 28, 2021:
Increased verbosity of bad Q subchannel data error messages in the CloneCD CD image loader.

Fixed crashing with non-glibc iconv implementations when the user specifies an unsupported
character encoding in the debugger's memory editor.

2021年6月10日 星期四

SSF PreviewVer R20

 SEGA SS / ST-V模擬器 SSF 發布新版,更新如下 :



Hop Step あいどる☆

2021年6月9日 星期三

Nintendulator v0.985 Beta (2021-06-07)

 FC / NES模擬器 Nintendulator 發布新版,更新如下 :

Don't allow triggering manual NMI during pre-render scanline
Fixes ppu_vbl_nmi/07-nmi_on_timing